Ely Knives & Silver

From farmer to Artisan, Mike Ely started making knives in 1997, and has been creating custom knives full time since 2008. Under the watchful tutelage of master smiths like Steve Culver and Ray Kirk, Ely perfected his metal smithing to become the fine artisan he is today. In 2015 Mike became the premier razor maker for Bell & Hat, putting every ounce of artisanship into each razor, resulting in the finest custom razors on the market today.

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Imperial Shave

We believe that when you look great, you feel great and that enhances every day of your life. When you take the time out of your day to spoil yourself with that extra close shave and to enjoy all the wonderful products available to you, it is amazing how your life changes for the better. So for your most enjoyable shaving experience, we have straight razors, safety razors which are also called double edge razors, skin care products, shaving brushes, shaving soaps and creams and many other products designed for that traditional and enjoyable wet shaving experience.

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HHH Custom Knives and Damascus

Randy Haas & Randy Haas Jr.

From one of America’s premier knife makers comes HHH Forged Damascus steel. Randy Haas and prodigy Randy Jr., are two of the best Damascus steel makers in the country. Acknowledged for creativity and consistency by established blade-smiths everywhere, HHH Steel has been used for creations by the finest knife makers in the business. Recognized equally for performance and appearance, HHH Damascus is a statement of beauty with a functional purpose and unsurpassed quality.

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Burls & Blades

Faron Moore

Specializing in uniquely figured domestic hardwoods, Burls & Blades provides a beautiful array of materials with a focus on responsible and sustainable harvesting. Partner and Chief stabilizer, Faron Moore, occupies his time by making traditional Japanese knife handles & sayas, re-handling all styles of knives, and turning pens & duck calls.

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Sunday-Friday 6:00am to 10:00pm


New Jersey Steel Baron

Aldo Bruno

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Arizona Ironwood LLC

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Zoe Crist Damascus

Zoe Crist

Zoe Crist is a multitalented artist with a passion for creating Damascus steel. With a keen sense of aesthetics, Zoe forges his metal into breathtaking organic patterns that are well sought after by some of the industry’s finest blade smiths and artisans. In addition to its sheer beauty, Zoe’s Damascus is recognized for its supreme quality and performance. While specializing in creating Carbon Damascus, San Mai and Stainless Damascus, Zoe is also held in high esteem for crafting superior knives and captivating our imaginations with his ingenious metal sculptures.

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Ballard’s Custom Saddlery

John Ballard

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