Birth of a Razor

1. Razors begin as raw steel for the artisan to bring to life.

2. Each razor is painstakingly ground by hand to the decided pattern.

3. Below are two blades finished with the initial grinding. Next stop……the oven!

4. Below is the difference between a factory razor and a custom razor. Careful and tested tempering gives this razor “the edge” over all others. Capable of a Rockwell hardness more than any factory would care to deal with. Advantage to you, the end customer, of a blade that will hold an edge and shave better than any mass produced blade.

5. While the blades are tempering, it’s time to start the handles. Care is taken to ensure a good fit in the hand and beauty to the eye. We use many materials at Bell and Hat. Man made materials like Micarta or G-10 make a sturdy handle. Genuine Sitka Stag antler is used as well as a wide variety of stabilized hardwoods. Burls and rare figured woods are favored. Care is taken to get a grain pattern that flows with the blade.

6. Back to the grinder for the finishing touches. Here is where all can be lost in the blink of an eye. There is no greater satisfaction than the pile of steel wool under the grinder wheel and a perfect blade in my hand.

7. Two of the best Randy Haas has to offer, finished grinding and ready for sharpening.

8. The stones are laid out and ready. We use a nine step process to sharpen all of our razors at Bell and Hat. All done by hand, sure it’s time consuming but it’s your face. We think it’s worth it.

9. Handles are ready, blade is finished and sharp, time to assemble the razor. Careful pinning makes all the difference in a comfortable razor.

10. A pair of Randy Haas blades ready to go.


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