Warrantee & Maintenance


At Bell and Hat we believe the purchase of a gentleman’s straight razor is a very personal experience which requires personal attention. As such, we do not offer a shopping cart as we would rather serve you personally and ensure your satisfaction with the razor you select. When you find a razor your are interested in or wish to order a custom razor, use the contact us form and we will begin the conversation that leads to your choosing the perfect razor and ultimately, your complete satisfaction.

Purchase of the razor can be completed by cashiers check, credit card over the phone, or paypal.


Thank you for your purchase of a Bell and Hat Brand straight razor. We want you to enjoy and use your razor for many years so we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. A razor is a tool and all tools require care and maintenance. In the Care and Feeding section we outline the type of simple maintenance required to keep your razor in top shape for many years. If, however, your razor requires more than that we will be here to take care of it. Each razor is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the Founder and the artisians. All materials and products are purchased and made in the USA. Each razor is hand made and tooled.

Your warranty covers all manufacturers’ defects and costs associated with repairing them. This includes defective blades, handles and pinning issues. Simply return the razor to us and we will take care of any problem. If you require a gentle reworking of the razor, that will be available for a small fee. In return, we ask that you follow the Care and Feeding suggestions to do your part in keeping your razor in good condition.

As a small custom razor maker we rely on our customers to promote and help keep our company alive. This is only accomplished through good customer service and our products. Working together with you, the customer is our formula for success. Thank you again for your purchase. ~Bell and Hat Brand


Because we want your razor to be in service for many years we offer our Workshop Revisit Package. This includes rehoning the razor back to new condition, tightening the pins and rebuffing the handle. This service is available for $25.00 plus $5.00 for return shipping.


Your razor will require very little maintenance, however, there is maintenance required for a full and useful life. Your blade is high carbon steel and may rust. A light razor oil on the blade will prevent this. Additionally, a drop  in the axle pin occasionally will  keep this area clean and rust free. We recommend one of our pouches to help with rust prevention for the life of the razor.

Sharpening of the razor can be maintained with a strop. We sell strops in steer hide and in kangaroo hide. Both are excellent for maintaining the sharp edge on your razor. If you require more we offer our Workshop Revisit Package to bring your razor back to shaving condition.

Depending on the composition of your handle, you may need some care. Our stabilized wood handles are designed to last but some care will be needed if they are exposed to water consistently. We recommend a light furniture oil to keep them fresh and attractive.